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SAF Digipack Deluxe Edition - BONUS TRACKS

Переиздание альбома Scream Aim Fire (deluxe edition) с бонусным DVD доступно для заказа стало 14ноября 2008г.
1. Scream Aim Fire
2. Eye Of The Storm
3. Hearts Burst Into Fire
4. Waking The Demon
5. Disappear
6. Deliver Us From Evil
7. Take It Out On Me
8. Say Goodbye
9. End Of Days
10. Last To Know
11. Forever And Always
12. Road To Nowhere
13. Watching Us Die Tonight
14. One Good Reason Why
15. Ashes Of The Innocent

1. Waking The Demon (videoclip)
2. Hearts Burst Into Fire (videoclip)
3. Drinking
4. Bullet TV Swiss
5. Bullet TV Japan
6. Take It Out On Me
7. Travel To Oz
8. Australia
9. Hearts Burst Into Fire
10. Oz Tour
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