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When : April 9th @ 5pm GMT in Matts House

Question : When are you going to come to Moscow ?
Matt : I believe we're coming to Moscow end of summer. July or august...don't know the exact date but it's happening this summer. Two russian dates, one is in Moscow.
Question : Are they festival dates?
Matt : No, we will be playing headline shows

Question : 'Matt, when wedding?'
Matt : When wedding? There is no plans for a wedding. I'm not getting married.
Question : You did just have a beautiful baby-boy.
Matt : YES
Question : A week ago ?
Matt : Two weeks ago.
Question : What's his name ?
Matt : Evan.

*Technical Problems*

Question : We were just talking to Padge about whether the band googles themself or not and he said 'yes'.
You guys are on wikipedia as well ...have you ever attempted to edit like rival bands wikipedias...
Padge: II've never been that sort of... Now that you mentioned it I know that you can do it... I might do it...
MySpace: Everyone can edit...absolutely everony can... I'm not trying to temp you to do anything... Just saying anyone can...
Moose : Do you know what you find if you google my name ?
Question :What will you get ?
Moose : An animal
Question towards Jay :What about you? Did you google yourself ? You might get an animal as might get a bird...bluejack
Jay : Yeah, I did...
MySpace: I'm sorry we have to close this down...

Question :We have a lot of questions from russian fans. The next question is 'What was the most mad action in your life'?
Matt, Jay, Padge, Moose : mumbling....
Padge : One night we all got really drunk and crazy with 36 Crazyfists.. that was a mad-action night.
Thomas was getting beaten up in the elevator.
Jay : Have you beaten him up ?
Moose : We pulled down drummer of 36 Crazyfists trousers, threw him in an elevator, pressed 'Lobby' and when it opened again there were people looking at this naked, shivering mess of a man.

Question : Has there been a moment in your careere when you thought this is an awesome 'Rock-Star-Moment'
Moose : There have been a few...
Padge : We sat him ( points to Moose) on fire once.
He was covered in absinth, Jay blew the fire, I lit the fire, and Moose was the fuel.
Jay : Moose was burning and Padge was rolling him out .

Question : We've got Angela on the Live-Chat, she's aksing 'When are you coming to Scotland?'
Jay: End of the year ?
Matt : I think at the end of the year when we do a proper british tour.
Jay : After the summer we'll be in Scotland.
Padge : Yeah. We do apologize to the british fans we've been away for a long time but we'll definitely be back, drinking harder than ever ;)

Question : Where in the UK do like to play the most ? Do you prefer like Wales or England or Scotland ?
Matt : It's all the same to me personally.

Question : Who does the best Wall of Death in the world ?
Matt : Germany
Jay : Germany.. they are nuts
Matt : There are the craziest pits
Jay : Yeah.. the are NUTS
Matt : In the Mosh-Pits it's like 2000 people fighting
Jay : Actually a Wall of Death opened before us, two skinheads were in the middle of it and when they were wating for the crashing together they were smashing each other with their boots in their faces...and then it went *buff*
I was absolutely loving it.. standing there thinking 'Oh my God...'
Padge : Like ' I need to be down there'

Question : Does it ever kick off in the crowd and you you actually thought this is really gone too far and you kinda felt sorry for the people down there ?
Jay : Matt said something once before..
Matt : Yeah...I stopped some songs before. Not because of us enticing stuff, just because things getting off hands, like literally fights breaking out. And we could see from where we stood people getting crushed,having a hard time and passing out and no one else could see it and we just stopped the show and said like 'Chill the fuck out'

Question : Are you looking forward to playing Download this year ?
Matt : Very much
Jay : Can't wait to play Download, this is going to be wicked!

Question : How many times did you play Download before ?
Moose : It's our fourth time , isn't it ?
Matt : The fifth time...2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2010, so it's five
Moose : We'll become veterans
MySpace :Yeah..there are not many people who played it that many times
Moose : Isn't it like 30 years for AC / DC this year ? And now we gonny take over
Jay : Only 25 times left over

Question : What would anyone in the band do if not playing music and touring the world?
Jay: Playing music
Padge : Probably a semi-professional alcoholic *laughs*
Matt : Probably making music and not touring the world
Jay : Yeah

Question : Why did you change the lyric of what it now 'Pleasure and Pain'
Matt : Because we wrote that songs as we did and then we went into studio with our producer Don and he thought it could be better and so we rewrote it and it was [better]

Question : Does it happen quiet a lot that you get so far in the production process and be brave enough to change things and choke whole things out?
Matt : I mean like nothing's ever 100% final until the album comes out , so just keep an open mind.

Question : Was it a challenge coming from Wales and trying to make it into the music business ?
Matt : Yeah it was. But I think it's a challenge regardless where you from in the world .
It's just being in a band and trying to get a record deal is like win in the lottery unfortunately.
It's super hard.. but it's not because we're from Wales. It's'cause it's hard for everybody

Question : Where did you start gigging?
Matt : We did started of local, around this area Bridgend, South Wales, Cardiff Swansee and taht was fine. And we started off to Birmingham and we did the Barfly show a few times on sunday night. It escalated from there really.
Padge : It did start to grow there in the Barfly

Question :So do you actually remeber the night you got signed ?
Matt : We know exactly when it was. It was a show in the Barfly ( London )
Moose : Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong
Jay : It was a terrible show but they loved it .
MySpace : So there were a record label around there ?
Matt: A few actually. After the gig we got the offers and then we had to get a layer and go into associations and stuff
Moose : We signed the record deal and then the Rock'n'roll moment happened. The TV wouldn't fit out of the window so we peed on it.
MySpace : There's can't get them out of the windows anymore
Jay : It was a big TV , with a big back, so we couldn't get it out of the window and he ( points to Moose) peed on it.
Matt : We also put a sofa through a wall...
MySpace : But you put out the plug before you peed on it, right ?
Moose : No I did not..I was so drunk...
MySpace : A lot of current running through
Moose : Well..we didn't think , we were so happy you know...
Jay : Oh we had a good old fight , don't we ?
We smashed the room up pretty well
'Look at the TV, we couldn't throw it out, but Moose pissed on it'
Matt : We told the security guard to basically fuck right off. He was baging on the door, screaming, I opened it, the drunkest I've ever been ,staring him into the eyes, screaming into his face, telling him to fuck off. And he left.
Moose : At that point we haven't even sold a record at that point

Question : Why are you touring with 'FEVER' in the US first ?
Matt : Because we want to. We've always ..for the last two and a half albums started to here in the UK and this time we just wanted to do it a little different..there's no business side reason to it, it's just because we wanted to. And we're be doing big european festival this summer so there is no point in doing a european tour now 'cause in june we're doing those big european shows anyway. So this is just lets do the US this time.
Padge : It's not because we wanna make of it money, we're going to lose money propably... just soemthing we have to's just sickly that we have to do...

Question : Do you think that bands are resigned to losing money on these things ?
Padge: These days definately
Matt : It's more about building to make a nut money.
I mean we have made fortunately a bit of money which is amazing but we do sometimes a lot of tours pay-to-play-technically, 'cause we have a lot of overheads we like to put on a show , especially with big headline shows .
It's still not about making money, it's still early days in our career and we are still putting the money into more important things which is the shows, and crew and comfort.

Question : Who would win in a fight ?
Matt : I would regardless against who it is.
MySpace : Oh sorry... it's actually Zack Wilde or Kerry King ?
Matt, Moose : Zack Wilde
Moose : A fist fight ?
Matt : As scary and feisty as Kerry can be, Zack's a big boy and Kerry is quite small, so I think he would just overpower him unfortunately ..but I could be wrong..
Moose : You never know..
Matt: Kerry King could be like a letahl weapon badass..
Padge : Kerry if you see this : Kick him in the nuts and it's all over

Question : Who would win in a fight between you guys if it came to it?
Jay : All of us
Moose : We probably beat each other up.
Jay : Anyonewould give up until the others are knocked out properly...

Matt : The last few years Jay and Padge constantly every night would get tank-drunk and fight.
And then ten minutes later they're like 'Sorr man, I love you...'
Jay : It was really bad a few times... we totally crashed this one hotel room in was blood all over the wall...
Moose : It was horrible...
Jay : the table was smashed...our manager kick the door through to get into the room and stop us and get us off each other .
And the next morning we had bite-marks on our faces, bloody eyes and we had to go to this interview and the guys were asking who we fought to it we pointed at each other.
And why was it ? Becaus I drunk all the whiskey...
Padge : Yeah, you took the last sip of whiskey
Jay : Yeah ..and he tried to kill me.. I can just remeber I drank the last sip of it and he ran up to me, picking me up, slamming me to the floor and that was it...fighting for like 3 hours...

Special announcement :
Matt : We are playing MySpace Secret Show in London on april 26th, the day of the release of 'FEVER' in Europe. We are not going to tell you where it is yet, but we'll be playing a show somewhere in London, april 26th.
For more informations you need to go to
MySpace : Go to the profile and get the magic golden ticket for the show
Matt : It's a little like Willy Wankers Chocolate factory

Question : Matt please tell me your favourite joke
Matt : Oh my God....on the spot....
*mummbling between Matt, Jay and Moose*
Matt : I heared this earlier from Moose's little boy.
Why do the chicken cross the road ?
'cause he shit himself.
Oh..he's 6 years old...
Moose :When he told me I was wetting myself...

Question : Who's feet smell the worst ?
* Matt, Padge, Moose pointing to Jay* : JAY
Padge : I threw his shoes over the back window in the bus...I picked them up *acts like he's smellling on something* and it was like ...I threw them out...gone on the freeway...highway...motorway...road *all laughing*

Question : What kind of music do you play in your free time besides metal ?
Jay : M People

*some chit chat and laughing*

Padge : Lately it's been like Decapitated which is also kinda cool.. you know their stuff ? It's also really heavy.
Moose : It's not as good as Sepultura
Padge : It's flipping brutal, let me tell them...
*chit chat*
Moose : I like Lady GaGa..she's great ..
Padge : Doesn't she have a penis ?
Moose : Don't we all ?

Question : Do you guys get homesick ? Who's the emotional one?
Matt : Padge!
Padge : Vanesse, why do you have to ask that one??
I do..I'm crying every day.
Moose : We found him in a hotel room before, his chair was sticking up the wall. He turned into a'wolf'
Jay : Padge does turn into a wolf at night if he's annoyed and had a few drinks and it's the right moon color.
Moose : When there are this 'chronic fight's...Me and Matt were sleeping in the bus and Matt just couldn't sleep and they were fighting and then Padge mumbled to Padge something like 'Jay , you better fuck of', Jay asked why and he said 'Cause I'm a werewolf'
*all laughing*
*chit chat*

Question : Do you get homesick ? Do you miss Wales ? I mean your all from you miss it when you're on tour ?
Jay : I can get a little homesick now and then, you know. When you're away from home for a long time.
Padge : I think it's the first two weeks when you get into that routine, but I think when you're into that routine it gets easier .
Moose : No! You get worse
Padge : I don't get worse, I get drunker
Moose : You get worse the longer the tour goes on. The first two week you can't get homesick as your drunk all the time and then it goes on.
He kicks stuff through the bus and so on.

Question : Would you come to a party if you were invited by a fan ?
Padge : Yeah...but he would have to pay for us *laughs*
MySpace : What if it was a house in the middle of nowhere..somewhere in te forest ?
Jay : I've actually done it before...
MySpace : Really ?
Jay : We've done a show, I think it was in Liverpool and there was this girl like 'Oh, it's my birthday can you come to my party?' and like ' my brother coudln't come around' and so on, so I said 'yeah' . So I got on a train there and then went to her house
Matt : Is something wrong with you ?
Moose : She could have killed you...
Jay : I know...but I didn't realize then ...I could have died...
Matt *mumbling something*
Jay : No it was quiet the opposite of it..she gave me this massive story like it was her birthday and her brother couldn't make it..
Matt : WOW

Question : Would like to be immortalized in games like Guitar Hero or Rock band ? And if you were which songs would you like people try to play ?
Moose : We got one songs on something...
Matt : We've got 'Scream Aim Fire' on , I think it's Guitar Hero 3 -World Tour..
Moose : And we got 'Waking the demon'..was kind of a download or something...
Matt : It's alsways good to be on things like that, it's amazing. It's a huge outlet for people to hear our music who may not give a shit or haven't heared it before. It's always an amazing thing to be on things like that.
Having '4 Words' of our first record on John Maddens Football was a huge break for us in America 'cause we sold so many records just because that game..
Padge : Isn't it 'Hand of Blood' ?
Matt : 'Hand of Blood' is on Need for Speed ...and to be a part of something like this is always an amazing think for a band.

Question : Are you big video-game fans ?
Matt : Not really...I used to play a lot when I was younger but now I'm not.
I have a XBox 360 and a Wii but I never really played it
Moose : I never played it but lately I'm playing it 'cause my son got the 'Lego-Star Wars'. I cannot get off Leg-Star Wars' and 'Lego-Batman'. I'm addicted to it 'cause it's so easy you can't can always come back..I'm like a big kid... I just come back and get through all the levels.
Padge: You's like 'Oh you have three lives left' and you just keep going and going and it's easy to complete.

Question : How old is your little boy ?
Moose : 6

Question : And what's his name ?
Matt, Jay, Padge, Moose : Ben.
*chit chat*

Question : Why the name 'FEVER' ?
Matt : Why not ?
MySpace : Why not indeed.
Matt : It's a songtitle and it's catchy, short and cool.
*chit chat about Justin Bieber*

Question : What were your affords about Justin Bieber ?
Padge : Who is Justin Bieber ?

Question : This one's for Moose : Who's your favourite drummer ?
Moose : ehm...ME, I think..
Padge : Ohh you dirty...
Moose : I got a few.. but I listen to bands more than to drummers I think..but probably Scott Travis from Judas Priest, Daven Barlow from Slayer, Vinnie Paul from Pantera...who else...I don't know....

Question : Have you ever met any of your drummer idols ?
Moose : Yeah..two...we got drunk with Daven Barlow
*chit chat*

Question :When did Matt decided to play guitar and sing whilst in Jeff killed John ?
Matt : I ...I didn't decide it...I still didn't decide like I want to play guitar..but it was... I was like 14, 15 years old I started playing guitar...

At this point the Live-Stream unfortunately broke off...
I'll keep you updated if there's a complete Live Stream.

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