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Правильно ли поступили BFMV , отменив концерты ради записи альбома ?

Мне всё равно

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Hey don't walk away I'm not done with you
You're not done with me
Stop we can survive - will you die for me
'cause I'd die for you
I'm not insane cut out my heart with this razor blade
Take this sacrifice you can feed on me
Can I feed on you

Come take this sacrifice
Come take this sacrifice

You don't bring me pleasure
You just bring me pain over and over again
You don't bring me pleasure
You just bring me pain and nothing in between

Hey there's no escape, you can't rum from me
I can't run from you
Bow 'cause I'm your God will you pray to me
'cause I'll pray for you
Push your sins aside nobody cares your head's fucked inside
Embrace your apathy I don't care for you
You don't care for me

Embrace your apathy
Embrace your apathy

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