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Автор: Bullet For My Valentine, Отправлено: 22.04.2010 15:10.
<div style="text-align:center;">You turn me off on the push of a button<br />
And you pretend that I don&裟t mean nothing<br />
I&裟m not a saint that&裟s easy to tell<br />
But guess what honey you ain&裟t no angel<br />
You like to scream use words as a weapon<br />
Well go ahead take your best shot woman<br />
I wanna leave you it&裟s easy to see<br />
But guess what honey it&裟s not that easy <br />
<br />
<strong>PRE-CHORUS</strong><br />
We get so complicated<br />
This finger&裟s for our memories<br />
<br />
<strong>CHORUS</strong><br />
So rip my pictures from your wall<br />
Tear them down and burn them all<br />
Light the fire and walk away<br />
There&裟s nothing left to say<br />
Take the ashes from the floor<br />
Bury them to just make sure<br />
That nothing more is left of me<br />
Just bittersweet memories<br />
<br />
I wanna run - Escape from your prison<br />
But when I leave I feel something is missing<br />
I&裟m not afraid that&裟s easy to tell<br />
This can&裟t be heaven it feels like I&裟m in hell<br />
You&裟re like a drug that I can&裟t stop taking<br />
I want more and I can&裟t stop craving<br />
I still want you it&裟s easy to see<br />
But guess what honey you&裟re not that good for me<br />
<br />
<strong>PRE-CHORUS</strong><br />